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Firearms defense

This section of practice includes more than 20 types of defense from different directions of body. Performing these techniques starts from brown belt and above and the student must learn the right use of weapon and disarmament before.

The learning of this weapon is divided into two types of advanced and semi-advanced. The advanced section is especially for army units and teaching it to irresponsible people is prohibited


The training of knifes defense include 50 key techniques and is taught to green belt and above.
Every student should learn every type of defense of this weapon which includes attack from above head, from front -attack from behind-attack from surroundings and many more.
Twenty types of techniques of this weapon relates to the forceful combats which are taught to the brown belts and above so that the student would be able to defend himself in such situations.
The use of knife for fighting the rival ,defense and attack of knife with knife are the advanced techniques of this weapon which is taught to brown belt and above


This training includes 80 techniques of defense and attack. In old times this weapon was used in defense of sword but nowadays its a useful equipment for police.

This technique is taught to brown belt and above and by getting this technique the student would be able to not only disarm (cold weapon- wood- knife- sword etc)the rival but lock the rival from the muscles with Tonfa such that he won’t be able to move


This equipment is for use of police but its semi advanced training for the student is harmless. This weapon is useful for the situation where the rival is using cold weapon or there is a physical fight. The techniques of  this weapon includes 20 muscles locks ,30 hits to sensitive areas of body ,17 types of defense from attacks of rival with cold weapon or physical defense. The training of this weapon is for green belt and above

other weapons

( Sai Kubaton Nunchaku Katana )

These types of weapon is used in most of army techniques. This type of training and learning is not compulsory but teachers know these techniques and the student can learn these techniques which would give an edge to his learning.


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