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Rules and Regulations

  • Before practice, the student must be ready in the hall and his dress should be neat and appropriate.
  • The student must not be wearing any extra clothes and accessories in the court. 
  • The fighting dress should be according to standard, there should be no other marks on the dress and belts should be worn with the dress.
  • On the left side of the dress a logo of HOKUTORYU, on the left side of arm a logo of association of that country and on the right side of arm a small logo of HOKUTORYU should be sewn. From black belts above the uniform should be having the logo of HOKUTORYU embroidered on the back.
  • From green belt above use of gloves   robe and water container is necessary.
  • From emergency exit and entry to court permission of coach is necessary.
  • After giving respect to coach if a coach of higher than 3 Dan is present in worth you have to face him and bow before him in show of respect. The coach should draw the attention of student to the teacher by saying " yamay sensi vay " and students by saying " so " pay respect to that teacher. 
  • Students who are a lit lee bit late have to sit on their knees on the edge of the mattress and obk the teacher to enter. Students who are late can watch the training from outside.
  • While asking questions and getting answers the students must show respect to the teacher.
  • Disrespect –talking with loud voice – eating   drinking and practicing alone is prohibited. 
  • Making fun of the coach not giving importance to the practice; failure to perform technically and indiscipline is prohibited in HOKUTORYU. 
  • The student if injured has to step off from the mattress with the permission of coach and watch the practice from outside the court.
  • Presence of audience during practice is prohibited.
  • During examination having the practice card is compulsory.
  • While the coach is not around the person having the highest level belt can continue the practice for students but in a light and non – combat manner
  • During practice the membership card of the student should be on the table of coach and at the end of the practice the coach should punch the date of practice and sign on it to record the presence of student for practice on the particular date.
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