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History of Hokutoryu

Master Auvo Niiniketo, the father of jujutsu in Finland is born in 1954, he was interested in boxing since he was 8 years old and in 1972 being 75 Kg became the champion of boxing in Finland and Scandinavia.He has learnt the Karate, judo, jujutsu on professional level and got black belt of jujutsu in 1977.

He got acquainted with Mr. Morris and Robert Callaring in 1978 and in 1979 received the first Dan of black belt and in 1996 received the 6th Dan from Richard Morris.

In 1980 he introduced the kick box to Finland and as had the 5th Dan in this style started to teach this style professionally and after that starts the new style Hokutoryu in Finland.
Hokutoryu is a method which is strong and can be of use in army, police and security forces and body guards. This method has been inspired from methods like Judo jujutsu kick box and karate. This method is on a higher level from mental, technical and physical perspective.These techniques take place in different forms and angles.
In Hokutoryu the student reaches to the full degree physical strength. Speed and flexibility of muscles is one of its characteristics.
In Hokutoryu there has been put much stress on discipline and respect to the coach and the student should act according to the rules to reach to higher levels

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