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White, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black

Duration of belt: 

    White to yellow : according to the coach decision

    Yellow to orange: minimum 8 month and 40 presents in class

    Orange to green:  minimum 12 month and 110 presents in class and participation in 3 formal seminars.

    Green to blue: minimum 12 month and 110 presents in class and participation in 5 formal seminars.

    Blue to brown: minimum 12 month and 110 presents in class and participation in 7 formal seminars.

    Brown to black: According to the coach's view and for the exam; there should presence of members of board of Hokutoryo.


Black Belts Exam: 

it has to be held with the presence of committee comprised of head of the method members of technical committee and black-belt owners of Dan 1-6.

Exam from previous belts like yellow /blue / brown.

Exam from hand and foot hits /continuing moves or individual moves.

Performing throwing techniques at least 20 times in different throwing positions.

Performing techniques on rival and throwing him according to the contract or freely.

Performing the defense from knife /wood/baton/weapon and defense from cold and warm defense.

Performing the hit of knife to the rival in different positions.

Defense of batoum in stopping the attack of rival and arrest of rival..

While taking the exam in multiple stages the student leaves the hall and the committee decides about the student that whether he is eligible for the next exam or not. In case he is eligible he can continue and perform the next techniques and in the end brown belt student should combat with black belts and in case of success, good performance of techniques ,approval of master and members of committee, will be grated black belt.

In levels higher than black which are from Dan 1 to 6 the person should be able to perform the techniques part by part as in teaching it by explaining it and to answer technically to the questions when they are asked from committee.


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