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Master Auvonini keteo on the formal invitation of master ferouz habibpoor through master taimoor Farsi madan visited Iran in 2000
The result of this visit was his familiarity with combat styles in Iran and his acquaintance with Master Habibpoor. It was decided that a team of Iranian coaches visits Finland to learn techniques of Hokutoryu
Master Ali Tahernejad has taken four teams of renowned coaches through the organization to Finland and Sweden from 2001 to 2005 which has given fruitful results.
Hokotoryu through four visits in a year to Europe and by utilizing the skills of renowned coaches of world in training of self – defense and defense of weapon has been able to show its uniqueness among other combat styles.
At present this style is being practiced in Tehran and Isfahan and it’s hoped that it will be practiced nationwide in not – so far future.
 Grant of representation for this style is not always given upon request. After investigation about the request and the capabilities of the person one year probation is given

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